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Nicki Minaj Dons Skin Tight Dress & Shares Adorable Photo Of Son Papa Bear

The son of rap star Nicki Minaj has captured the hearts of fans as he’s made another appearance on his mother’s social feeds. Although she hasn’t disclosed his name as yet, the eight-month-old baby is affectionately called Papa Bear by his mom, and for fans, that’s his name!

It’s the second time Nicki Minaj shared images of her son since January when he was around three months old.

The new images are from behind-the-scenes footage captured as she promotes her new song with Drake and Lil Wayne, “Seeing Green.”

Among the photos share is one with Nicki Minaj is styled in a flattering gown, and her husband Kenneth Petty is wearing a tailored tuxedo. Papa Bear is seen wearing a white tuxedo with matching leggings and his cute bare feet peeking out.

Other photos show her husband holding their son in his arms while they pose for their first Christmas portrait.

Nicki Minaj is also showing a different side to her as she shares her moments as a working mother. In the middle of a backyard photoshoot, she turns to someone off-camera and asks that they take Papa Bear inside because the sun is too hot. “Get him out this hot sun,” she says.

Nicki Minaj also turned some heads on the Gram when she posted some photos of herself donning a skin-tight dress showing off her post baby body.

The rapper, who has in the past said she was excited about motherhood, shared that she’s enjoying her moments with her son.

“I’ve also been completely overwhelmed with joy & fulfillment in the world of Papa Bear,” she wrote to fans who are finally happy to see the rapper after her almost year-long hiatus before and after her pregnancy. “Each day creates a new & fascinating, magical memory that I hide far away into a little cute compartment of my heart; vowing never to forget any of it.”

Meanwhile, she also shared her son’s favorite movie is Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and he has said his first words among them- “mama.”

She also shared that he was “bopping” to “Seeing Green” before she released it, which is a turn in events as she was unable to finish her album because it appears that Papa Bear did not like rap music while in the tummy.

“He hated rap music when he was in my tummy. He’d kick rlly hard. But he was bopping a lil bit to #SeeingGreen b4 I released it. While pregnant I could only play him soothing music like Enya/classical, etc. he’d be more relaxed. It’s why i couldn’t rlly complete my album preggers,” she replied to a fan who asked, “do you play your songs to papa bear?”