Agent Sasco Not Interested In TikTok Trends, Talks Illustrious Dancehall Career

Agent Sasco says he is not interested in TikTok trends while he opened up about his illustrious career in dancehall.

Jeffrey Campbell, more popularly known as Agent Sasco aka Assassin, continues to show that he is a man of many strengths. Whether it is being a great husband, a dad of three (3), or embarking on his farming and construction ventures, Sasco continues to set the bar for other men to follow. While not all his fans will be able to speak of those aforementioned qualities, numerous individuals from all over the world will be able to speak highly of the entertainer’s stage presence and his storytelling and lyrical abilities.

The Agent continues to set trends with his approach to music. As he explains it, he pulls on his inner thoughts and life experiences for his lyrical content versus catering to the latest trends and the ever-changing musical landscape.

The deejay, who has spent over two decades in the business, was praised by Phillips for his shift from Assassin, former Lyrical Assassin, to his new moniker Agent Sasco. Fans took notice of the name change nearly a decade ago. However, Sasco explained that the shift in mindset came into place during the period of 2005-2006 when he suffered the death of his mom and became a dad at 22 years old. The deejay chanted these sentiments on his 2010 release “Something’s Gotta Give,” where he deejayed, “Me get a daughter now so me affi think smarter now…”

While his dancehall anthems such “Do It If Yuh Bad,” “Ruffest & Tuffest,” “We a Bad From,” “As A Man,” “Boring Gal,” “Do Mek Me Hold You,” among others are still considered party shakers, it’s his discography formulated after his metamorphosis that is considered some of his most revered. During this time, Sasco managed to release his 14-track project Theory of Reggaetivity, which contained tracks such as “Mix Up,” “LC,” “Country Bus,” “Day In Day Out,” “No Slave,” and “Stronger.” That release was followed by his Banks of the Hope album, which was released in 2018. This project had something special about it since it was recorded at the entertainer’s newly constructed Diamond Studios. The positive “vibes” continue to flow from the entertainer’s musical hub, such as his 2020 EP Sasco vs Assassin, spearheaded by the single “Loco.”

Bounty Killer and Kabaka Pyramid hopped on the remix to share their words of encouragement, but it was Sasco’s son “Weezy,” who stole the visuals. Both Weezy and Sasco’s youngest daughter LC have shown interest in a career in music, something Sasco did as a child when he entered numerous talent shows during his time in Camperdown High School, where he met Spragga Benz’s relative who helped to kickstart his career. Yet, Sasco’s positive influence on his own children and so many others who use his song as motivational gems is not necessarily a deliberate move to tap into the younger market that other entertainers have done.

“That speaks to going in the studio and doing just what I want to do. I care zero about the younger demographic, to be honest with you. I’ve seen too many situations where people want to hide them age and stay young forever,” Sasco said. “I’m not going to be a slave to this thing I love so much.”

He continued, “If I go in the studio and do my song and Izzy love it great, but I’m not going to go in the studio talking about, wonder what these kids are listening to these days… I’m not trying to find the next TikTok [Challenge.]”

During his explanation, he mentioned that one of the reasons for the construction of the studio was to have a place of isolation to ensure the sounds stay inside, but also to block any negative influences. “I also divorce the outcome when I put it out, otherwise you left chasing your shadow,” he said about his modus operandi when it comes to releasing new music from his home-based studio.

The conversation couldn’t go any further without the acknowledgment of Sasco’s attention to detail observed not only in his music but also in his handy projects such as the construction of his studio. While there was no actual construction material on Yendi’s set, the host still managed to whip up a game of Jenga to put Sasco’s abilities to the test.

Following a brilliant win by Sasco, the former Miss Jamaica World 2007 and Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 pageant left him with these words of encouragement. “Keep building, and that’s not just literally building but I love what you are building on in the legacy of Agent Sasco.”