UB40 Announces ‘Bigga Baggariddim’ Album Ahead Of Virtual Show


Reggae/ Pop band UB40 is set to release their new ‘reggae collaborations’ album Bigga Baggariddim with artists ‘spanning four continents and seven decades of recording experience,’ the group says. The project will include artists from House of Shem, Tippa Irie, BLVK H3RO, Inner Circle, Pablo Rider, KIOKO, Gilly G, Slinger, Winston Francis, Leno Banton, and General Zooz (Reggae Rajahs).

This will be the group’s 21st studio album which will also come with a live tour by the group. According to a release, the tour will stop in 24 different cities across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Formed in 1978, UB40 has been a four-time Grammy nominee for Best Reggae Album. Their music is known and loved around the world, especially in Jamaica, as BLVK H3RO noted. “UB40 are regarded as legends here in Jamaica. They keep their hearts close to the people and especially the community they come from, and I love how they stay on that path, just trying to uplift people.”

“Over 35 years after the original Baggariddim album, UB40 have reunited with artists who appeared on the 1985 album and collaborated with new, diverse reggae talent from around the world, who sing and deejay over cuts of the same rhythms,” the release said.

Robin Campbell of UB40 said the album is set for release on June 25, 2021.

“We really enjoy collaborations and this is a natural progression from the original Baggariddim, only more international, and a perfect companion to our last album ‘For The Many’ because it uses the same rhythms/backing tracks, but features some of the reggae friends we’ve met and worked with around the world.”

Meanwhile, UB40 Featuring Ali & Astro have announced a special online concert available to view from June 16, 2021. This will be the band’s first online concert as they perform UB40’s seminal 1980 album ‘Signing Off’ in its entirety.

The sets will be filmed at Stabal Studios in London and Ali & Astro will be accompanied by their incredible eight-piece touring band.

“These are the first songs we wrote together as a band,” Ali Campbell said. “It will be a joy to revisit them 40 years on. Sadly, ‘King’ and ‘Food For Thought’ are still relevant today. We give thanks that Gary Tyler has now been released,” said Ali, referring to the inspiration behind the album’s opening track ‘Tyler’, who was finally released from prison in Louisiana in 2016.

“After 40 plus years, we can’t wait to play our debut album Signing Off in its entirety to the fans, it’s gonna be a happy trip down memory lane!” comments Astro. Tickets available online from The first 100 tickets will cost £4.99.

Singer Ali Campbell and second vocalist Astro are noted as founding members of Britain’s biggest reggae band. The group topped the UK singles chart on three occasions and sold 70 million records. UB40 Featuring Ali and Astro’s most recent studio album, 2018’s ‘A Real Labour Of Love’, debuted at No.2 in the charts and spent a month in the Top 10.

Bigga Baggariddim tracklist:

  1. Good Vibes Tonight – UB40 / House of Shem
  2. On The Road – UB40 / Tippa Irie
  3. Gravy Train Is Coming – UB40 / BLVK H3RO
  4. Rebel Love – UB40 / Inner Circle
  5. Did You See That? – UB40 / Pablo Rider
  6. You Don’t Call Anymore – UB40 / KIOKO
  7. Me Nah Leave Yet – UB40 / Gilly G
  8. Love You Now – UB40 / House Of Shem
  9. Mi Life Action – UB40 / Slinger
  10. My Best Friend’s Girl – UB40 / Winston Francis
  11. Message Of Love – UB40 / House Of Shem
  12. I’m Alright – UB40 / BLVK H3RO
  13. Show And Prove – UB40 / Leno Banton
  14. What Happened To The Have Not’s? – UB40 / BLVK H3RO
  15. Roots Rock Reggae – UB40 / General Zooz (Reggae Rajahs)