Joseline Hernandez Calls Out Wendy Williams Over Toxic Comments

Joseline Hernandez is the latest to put Wendy Williams in her place as an argument spiraled out of control during an interview on the Wendy Williams Show. It wasn’t much for Wendy, though, as she was able to navigate the interview back on course.

It started when Joseline Hernandez joined the show virtually for an interview and immediately set the tone for the remainder of the interview as she asked Wendy Williams to give her “her flowers” during the show, saying that each time she appeared on the show, Wendy has failed to acknowledge her accomplishments.

“I hope you gonna give me my flowers today, I hope you gonna honour how much work I’ve put out there. I hope you’re gonna not kinda like throw this off outside of everything I’ve done. I’m an accomplished woman and I feel like everything I come to your show, you don’t give me those flowers now,” Hernandez said while adding, “and Wendy you’re 35 years my senior,” to which Wendy says, “ouch, shade.”

Hernandez went on to say that every time she came on Wendy’s show, she was compared to other women but that she was doing well on TV, to which Wendy Williams objected.

“I have the number one show in the country,” Hernadez asserted

But Wendy was quick to fact check her- “No, you’ve the number one show on Zeus, and you’ve been renewed for a third season in the country, which is to be commended.”

Wendy then tried to steer the interview back in the right direction as she said she too felt undervalued as a woman doing her show when men doing the same thing earned more than her. “Shoe cam please,” she said as she tried to get back to the planned interview.

Hernandez was not done yet as she doubled down and drew for a cutting insult to Wendy-

“As a woman to woman and this is not about men, we should uphold each other higher, not go against each other or compare woman to another woman when every woman out here in pop culture is handling their business and is doing great…I came from the gutter Miss Wendy, give me that respect,” she said.

“We love you but at the same time you have to do better. You not in an abusive relationship anymore you don’t deal with that man anymore, you should be in a better place and when people come to your show especially black culture you should be nicer to us the ladies, you should respect us, you should give us our flowers while we’re here, and you should tell us how proud you are of what we’ve done in the streets.”

Wendy again tried to get back to the show “lemme see your shoes, Joseline.” Hernandez continued to press on, which led to Wendy throwing flowers that she picked off her side table at the camera “here’s a flower, come on, look I just gave you flower.”

“I’m not gonna let you play me anymore Miss Wendy and I’m not gonna let anybody on national TV or anybody disrespect me..” Hernandez says as she goes off in a rant.

Wendy asks the producers to “pull the plug.”

Wendy was able to calm down Hernandez as the interview progressed to her personal life, which shows how masterful an interviewer Wendy is. Of course, the temper of the Puerto Rican Princess was not too much for Wendy to handle as she ended the segment “of course I have the number one show and you can have number two,” as Hernandez complimented Wendy on her personality.