Usain Bolt Slams Critics Of His Dancehall Venture After Police Dropped DRM Case

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is hitting back at critics who he insinuates are ungrateful for his many contributions to Jamaica while only having a problem with him because he has entered the dancehall forum.

The video comes a day after disclosures by the police that a pending case against Usain Bolt for breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act for his surprise birthday party last year was dropped. Many persons reacted with anger and disappointment that the sprint legend seemed to be getting some preferential treatment while his counterparts, like Beenie Man, is facing the consequences for a similar breach.

Usain Bolt, however, is reminding his critics of his overall contributions to the country as he insinuates that nobody had a problem with him doing things for Jamaica in other sectors, but they have a problem with him contributing to dancehall/reggae music.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, Bolt is seen vibing to a new song voiced by veteran dancehall deejay Baby Cham who criticizes the government’s reaction to the Covid-19 virus. The lyrics of the song says many are tired of the measures against the virus as the pandemic brings undue hardship, which Baby Cham addresses. The song is titled, “Lock Down”.

“Can’t chat to mi friend only phone and video link / Can’t go a Helshire go eat or have a drink / Can’t get fi hustle so we revenue shrink / You want the people dem a get pushed to the brink / So we drink, nothin’ else nuh deh fi do but go crazy / Leaders who need fi listen and nuh taze we / Don’t forget ah vote fi you, do, it amaze mi / Wonder if a care if unu care or if a unu lazy / Months and months dem ah say fi stay home / Can’t go a barber, fi weeks mi hair nuh comb,” Cham deejays.

The track star is the latest among sportsmen pursuing a career in music which includes the links of DJ Bravo, Kyle Butler, Marlon Samuels, Chris Gayle, and others.

Bolt, however, has taken issue with those who criticize him. His caption accompanying the song from Baby Cham asked why people had a problem with him.

“Usain Bolt contributes to Sports – No Problem

Usain Bolt contributes to Food/Cuisine – No Problem

Usain Bolt contributes to Education – No Problem

Usain Bolt contributes to Health – No Problem

Usain Bolt contributes to Finance – No Problem

Usain Bolt Contributes to Dancehall/Reggae Music – PROBLEM!


Usain Bolt contributes to Agriculture – No Problem

Usain Bolt Contributes to Commerce/Technology – No Problem.

Usain Bolt Contributes to Employment – No Problem

Usain Bolt Contributes to Secuirty – No Problem

Usain Bolt Contributes to Dancehall/Reggae Music- PROBLEM!


Meanwhile, Dovey Magnum sought to sympathize with Bolt under the post as she related, “as a producer you feel like that…try being a artist with natural talent and vocals.”

Bolt also received nods from Teejay, who echoed his question and commented, “why??”.

While many of his commenters supported him, some took a different view of Bolt’s post.

One person wrote, “Usain Bolt has a massive ego and talks about himself in the 3rd person – problem.”

Another said, “you are too intelligent to support rubbish like this bro. Jamaica isn’t the only place that has lockdown/covid 19 measures in place. The govt didn’t put these measures in place ‘to fight poor people’ or fight anyone for that matter. We need fi stop promote sh*t that drives strife and divisiveness within our society. Do bettah mi bredda.”

Among Bolt’s critics are OVO superstar Popcaan who seemed to have ruffled the feathers of Bolt after he told Bolt to stick to track and field and leave music to the more talented youths. Popcaan’s response was to Bolt’s feature on a song where he attempted to emulate a DJ Khaled type presence on his friend Nugent’s song. Fans were disappointed that he did not sing as they expected some vocals since he credited the song with his name as an artist.