Spice Slams Her Haters After Panama City Sold-Out Show: “I’m hot for 20 years now”

Contributed Spice

Spice is letting her haters know she’s been hot for two decades.

Spice’s energetic performance at Panama City Beach in Florida on Monday, April 19, has proven why she is the Queen of Dancehall. It turns out that the queen is not so satisfied with the amount of money she is receiving for her elaborate performances.

The “So Mi Like It” artiste posted a number of clips from the thrilling performance, including her entrance to the stage with her lover Justin Budd, along with shots of the crowd enjoying her performance.

On Monday, April 21, the “Cool It” deejay posted a clip of herself demanding more money from the stage show promoter and producer, Jb Production Worldwide. Spice noted that the promoter claimed Dancehall is not as popular in certain areas of the world, and as such, used this as a bargain to pay her less for her performance. Spice expressed her disagreement, using the large crowd of fans at her feet as evidence.

“JB, When yuh call mi booking agent, yuh say nothing nah too gwan well over yah and yuh gi mi di show fi likkle bit a money, mi wah more money,” she said in the video rocking her blue hair, a black bodysuit, and a colorful corset.

She continued, “JB, look pan mi fans dem an tell mi now, yuh nuh see how the bl**dcl*t show ram, an unu say Dancehall nuh big over yah.”

She proceeded to ask her assemblage of fans, “Dancehall nuh big over yah?” to which they responded with a chorus of “Yess.”

After the speech, the artiste dropped her remix of Stylo G’s money anthem “Dumpling” and continued with her performance.

In the caption, she wrote, “All promoter try don’t call my booking agent and talk bout Dancehall no big over certain area and use it bargain cause mi ago claaaat unu. Any where mi get a good Fking show!! Mi want more money. @jbproductionworldwide big up yuh self but yuh owe me. #Panamacitybeach RAM JAM.”

The artiste is apparently serious about her demand, even though the number of laughing emoji’s used. Spice has always been one to say how and what she feels at any given moment. Jb Productions have not yet responded to her demand.

Spice also used the opportunity to take a dig at her haters while reminding them that she’s been doing this for 20 years.

“To all my haters S**k unu maaaaaada,” she wrote. “This unu hate mi fah, it’s ok to be hot for 2-5 years but I’m hot for 20 years now so let’s sit and talk about that. You don’t have to give me my flowers I did this sh*t with no Major support and yes I’m proud of my own self. My fans know my songs from over a decade ago.”