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YFN Lucci Might Get His Bond Revoked For Going To Strip Club & Studio

YFN Lucci
YFN Lucci

YFN Lucci could have his bond revoked due to unauthorized activity.

According to TMZ, prosecutors are asking that Lucci be ordered back to jail after he allegedly spent time in the studio and in a strip club, two locations that violated the conditions of his $500,000 bond. Both locations were reportedly visited on the night of his release in February.

According to prosecutors, YFN Lucci, whose real name is Rayshawn Bennett, was informed of all restrictions pertaining to his release in advance of the alleged violations. Prosecutors also claim that Lucci’s ankle bracelet may have been tampered with since there are large periods of time when his location was unaccounted for by the tracking technology.

Additionally, those asking for Lucci’s arrest are claiming that he tested positive for marijuana and opiates, which of course, also violates the conditions of his release. In a statement given to TMZ, Lucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, denied all claims, saying, “This attempt to revoke his bond is without merit and is replete with factual and legal inaccuracies.” He went on to say that Lucci and his legal team plan to argue the accusations, adding, “We will zealously fight this motion as we will with every aspect of this legally flawed prosecution.”

YFN Lucci surrendered to authorities in January in connection with the death of 28-year-old James Adams. Adams was shot and killed in December of 2020, and Lucci was later connected to the shooting, allegedly as the driver of the car that participated in a drive-by.

Lucci is being charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, participation in criminal street gang activity, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Prosecutors are asking that Lucci be kept in custody from now until the conclusion of his criminal case.