Chris Being Sued By Helper Over Dog Bite

Chris Brown
Chris Brown / @chrisbrownofficial IG

One of Chris Brown’s former cleaning ladies has filed a lawsuit against the “Forever” singer for a dog attack on her relative while they were cleaning on the job.

The woman Patricia Avila says in the lawsuit that she and her sister were hired by the singer to clean his house in Tarzana, California, for $600 a day, twice a week. The woman says she knew that the singer had dogs but that they were allegedly kept in separate places on the property away from the cleaners during the time they were there.

In spite of this, Avila says that Chris Brown’s dog, a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka, somehow got out and was in the backyard where Avila’s sister was cleaning out a vacuum where it attacked her, TMZ reported. The sister was bitten on the arm by the dog, which caused about “3-4 inches” of skin on her arm to be ripped off. She was also bitten on her face and leg. Avila alleges that the dog has a history of aggressive and violent behavior.

According to Avila, she managed to get the dog off of her sister, and Chris Brown was the one who called 911 to report the incident and get help. The cleaner says that she feared that her sister would die due to the significant blood that she lost from the wounds inflicted by the dog.

The woman was taken to hospital, where she spent several days and underwent several surgeries. Avila claims that the incident has caused her emotional distress, including PTSD, severe anxiety, and panic attacks.

News reports say that it’s unclear if Avila’s lawsuit is on behalf of her sister, but Avila herself is claiming damages from Brown for failing to protect her from the unreasonable risk of harm by the dog.