Rihanna Party With Drake And Brought Her New Boo ASAP Rocky With Her

Rihanna Drake party

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s blooming romance continues to be going well as the two were seen leaving Delilah, a West Hollywood California hangout spot on April 12. Neither of them have confirmed the dating rumors in spite of multiple public appearances in New York last year, and A$AP Rocky even going to Rihanna’s home island Barbados for the Christmas holidays with her.

They did appear to have had a fun-filled night when spotted at Delilah, according to E-online. The 32-year old rapper was seen with a red lipstick smudge on his cheek clearly planted there by the Fenty Beauty billionaire.

Rihanna was seen with her famous red lips and a chocolate brown mini dress made of velvet material along with a floor-length leather coat and shiny strappy stiletto accessorized by a patterned purse. E! says their source is reporting that the couple was out with Drake. The insider said, “Drake was hosting a huge group of friends in the back room of Delilah last night and invited Rihanna and A$AP.”

While E! News says Drake is Rihanna’s ex, it’s been documented that the pair has a cordial relationship without any bad blood, and neither Rihanna nor Drake has ever confirmed that they were romantically involved in the past, although Drake has publicly said he was in love with her and Rihanna always insisting they were always friends.

This did not stop the group from having fun, according to the insider. “Rihanna and A$AP arrived around midnight and stayed for several hours into the night. They were going back and forth between the main dining room and private room and were laughing with Drake and having drinks with him. There were bottles of 1942 everywhere and everyone was taking shots and having a great time.”

The insider said, “Rihanna looked happy to be out and was in a great mood. She was chatting with many people and friendly with anyone who approached her. She didn’t care to be seen. A$AP was nearby her the entire time, but they weren’t overly affectionate. They left together in the same car.”

It seems that Rihanna and Drake are on good terms now, though, following an apparent falling out from the 2016 MTV Music Awards where Drake awkwardly confessed that he was in love with Rihanna. It seems Rihanna had cut Drake off for repeatedly breaching her boundaries as he in interviews and talks kept hinting at some romantic tie where he said Rihanna was his “ultimate fantasy” and that the two had had “their moment,” which Rihanna has always brushed off as them just being friends.