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Chet Hanks Is Back Rapping, Teases “White Boy Summer” Video

Chet Hanks has a new song coming in honor of “White Boy Summer.”

Though people have mixed opinions about him and his shenanigans, Chet Hanks has managed to steadily increase his following online over the years. Whether you hate him or love him, the confident social media personality and rapper always manages to keep things interesting. When it’s not his debatable “Jamaican accent” it’s new music and after his recent proclamation that it’s gonna be a “white boy summer,” Hanks is promoting the venture with a new track.

The son of Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks took to Instagram to preview the new song and music video for “White Boy Summer” on his page. The track which is set to be released this week is a hard bass hip-hop number that already has women twerking to its upbeat rhythm. Alongside the clip from the video, Chet wrote on Instagram, “SHOULD I DROP THE VIDEO ON TUESDAY OR WAIT TIL FRIDAY?” he asked. “#WBS MOST DEFINITELY GOING UP.

He continued, “#SHEEESH LETS SEE IF YALL REALLY READY TAG AND REPOST YOUR MOM AND HER FRIENDS IF YOU REALLY BOUT IT ????CHURCHHHHHHHH.” In the music video, the rapper shows off his tatted upper body and arms on a beach surrounded by scantily clad women. In one scene, he is blissfully entranced as he presses his face against the rump of one of the girls twerking to his song.

“Hot boy, white boy summer / Got your favorite Instagram b*tch DMing her number,” he raps in the teaser. “Hit the strip club I might thunder / She let me beat it, I’m a white Boy Wonder.”

The rapper has been educating fans and those willing to pay attention on “White Boy Summer” recently explaining that he isn’t talking about “Trump, NASCAR type white” but more likr himself, “Jon B, Jack Harlow type White Boy Summer.” For those here for it, Chet has even released merch to commemorate the event.

Are you excited to hear the rapper’s “White Boy Summer” anthem?