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Cam’ron Calls Out Derrick Jaxn Over DMX Tribute, Jaxn Responded

Cam’ron went in on Derrick Jaxn for posting a photo of DMX.

The beef between New York rapper Cam’ron and YouTuber Derrick Jaxn over a DMX tribute is continuing, as Cam’ron has clapped back at Jaxn. The Dipset rapper, who started the banter on Sunday, April 11, responded to Jaxn, saying the love guru should have never tried to “talk crazy” when he and his ex-girlfriend split.

Cam’ron and his ex-girlfriend, Juju, split from a 10-year relationship in 2017, and the “Hey Ma” rapper said Jaxn left some negative comments on his Instagram posts in the past.

This has fans speculating that Cam’ron’s issue with Jaxn may not be limited to just the DMX tribute. On Saturday, April 10, Jaxn posted a picture of DMX, whose death was announced the day before. Like most celebrities, Jaxn paid tribute with the post captioned: “Rest In Peace legend.”

Not long after, Killer Cam responded to the post saying: “This ni**a been low since he got caught cheating. Now he wanna resurface with this post. I know/knew DMX personally. He don’t f**k wit ya kind homie. Don’t try and use the sympathy card ni**a. FOH go figure out how to lie, trick more woman and sh*t on ni**a on ya own ni**a.”

The “Down and Out” rapper accused Jaxn of using DMX’s death for clout chasing.

The relationship influencer recently made headlines when he confessed to cheating on his wife, Da’Naia Jackson, which sent shock waves through the community of women and men who supported him.

Some hours later, Derrick Jaxn, undeterred, responded to the post saying, “Big homie, you acting like I cheated on you. This ain’t the type of event to use to voice your hurt feelings about me. Respect this brother’s legacy and his family more than you’re doing right now.”

It didn’t take long for Cam’ron to respond to Jaxn, saying, “You shoulda never never tried to talk crazy when me and my ex broke up. Our time was just up I ain’t get caught cheating, lying etc. U da biggest clout chaser I seen ni**a. U only seen this cause @theshaderoom posted it.”

Fans have been speculating that the DMX tribute might not be the reason for Cam’ron’s bitterness towards Jaxn but that this beef goes way back.

Jaxn has not yet responded to the rapper’s latest comment.