DMX In Vegetative State After Overdosing On Drugs

DMX is in a vegetative state at a New York hospital following a drug overdose.

The New York rap legend reportedly overdosed on drugs at his home on Friday night at approximately 11 pm. TMZ reported that he was rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York, where he is currently admitted to the critical care unit. While some sources are saying he has some level of brain activity, doctors are cautioning that he might not make it as he remains in a vegetative state.

DMX drug overdose also reportedly triggered a heart attack. The former Ruff Ryders frontman has battled drug abuse for many years and has even opened up about how he believed he became addicted to drugs as early as age 14.

“I didn’t smoke cigarettes, I didn’t smoke weed, I didn’t do anything, I’m 14-years-old,” DMX recalls in an interview. The rap icon revealed that he was at a birthday party when his close friend tried to pass him a blunt which he refused because he didn’t smoke.

“He came back with a blunt rolled up. And as I’m counting the money, he passed the blunt,” X said while adding that it was Ready Ron who passed him the blunt that time, and he obliged and took it. “I was no longer focused on the money. I’ve never felt like this. It just f***ed me up,” he said.

DMX questioned why his close friend would do something like that to someone he looked up to and revealed that a monster was born that day, something he called a blessing and a curse. The blessing be it likely helped him to become one of the most successful and recognized names in hip hop of all time, and the curse being his lifelong battle with substance abuse.

In February 2016, DMX overdosed on drugs where he became unconscious and was rushed to a hospital. In that incident, police officers had to administer CPR because the rapper had no pulse when they arrived on the scene. DMX associates denied that the incident was too placed.

In October 2019, DMX checked himself into rehab following another relapse. He had been doing good since that rehab stint but has apparently relapse once again.