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Boosie Badazz Calls Out Female Who Mistook Him For Flava Flav

Don’t ever see Lil Boosie and call him Flava Flav.

Boosie Badazz doesn’t like being mistaken for others! A recent video shared by the rapper showed a hilarious reaction of him as a fan called him Flava Flav while he was in the airport.

The rapper angrily shared his disapproval at the woman who was mistaken about his identity. “I was just in the f***ing airport, lady gon talk bout ‘Flava Flav’, I don’t look like no damn Flava Flav…I look like Boosie… early morning, sh*t too early in the morning for that sh*t,” he said.

“Flava you can’t fk with me man,” he said as he mused that it could be the red rimmed glasses that he was wearing that caused the confusion by the fan- “That’s why I don’t wear these red glasses.”

Boosie Badazz is known to be an entertaining character, and some of his rants have been epic and hilarious. It appears that the rapper felt slighted by the comparison.

Some fans felt that there was a resemblance between Boosie and Flava Flav, with many saying they felt that he and Flava were related as there was a strong resemblance between the men.

“wait what…I thought that was his father, all this time,” one person commented on Instagram.

“Y’all could be brothers,” another person commented, while another said, “Alright Boosie you do look like you could be the lil brother.”