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Migos Gets Their Flowers From Miley Cyrus On ‘Hannah Montana’ 15th Anniversary

Quavo and Migos

Miley Cyrus honors Migos with flowers on the 15th anniversary of Hanna Montana.

The Disney sitcom Hannah Montana, which ran for four seasons, will always represent sentimental childhood memories for many adults today. In its innocent inception, the show featured a teenage girl, Miley Cyrus, who lived a double life as a famous pop singer, Hannah Montana, and highlighted the struggles she constantly faced to conceal her true identity.

Today marks 15 years since the premiere of the first episode in 2006, and to commemorate, American Hip Hop Trio Migos received flowers from Miley Cyrus. Migos dropped their infamous single “Hannah Montana” in 2013, an innuendo used in the drug trade.

Their youthful and infectious energy in the song and video, which has gained over 15 million views on YouTube, is quite impressive.

Fans have resurfaced beneath the video since Miley’s kind actions, commenting, “Got here after seeing Miley sent flowers to Quavo for being part of the Hannah Montana’s history,” and “new Migos fans don’t have a d*mn clue this exists.”

The Migos group, formed in 2008, consists of rappers Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff. The Migos are popular for singles like “Versace” (2013), “Fight Night” (2014), and “Look at my Dab” (2015). But the song considered one of their most successful singles, “Bad and Boujee” (featuring Lil Uzi Vert) in 2016, earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance. Since then, they have snagged numerous hit, including 2017’s “Motorsport” with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj and “Walk it, Talk it” featuring Drake in 2018, just to name a few.

The record “Hannah Montana” played an integral part in encouraging women who “don’t got alot of b**ty to still go crazy” and assisted in forging the ‘twerk culture.’

Offset and Quavo took to Instagram to share photos of the floral arrangements Miley sent, with the note “I [love] your song about me! Keep rockin’! – Love, Hannah Montana.”

Migos are just about ready to release Culture III, due in the spring of 2021.