Skillibeng Reacts To Alleged Bike Crash While Stunting, “Dem Want Me Dead”

Skillibeng is responding to the viral video, which alleges that he had a motorcycle accident.

The “Crocodile Teeth” singer took to Instagram on Monday night to address the video, which shows a man doing a motorcycle stunt, then the wheelie goes awry as the driver is flung forward. Nearby observers run to the rider’s aid, but as he lay motionless a female could be heard screaming frantically.

The video was posted online with the caption “Skillibeng crash and died,” which caused fans to start asking if the news was accurate. Soon the name ‘Skillibeng’ started trending on Google and Twitter. Some fans say that the gear worn by the motorcyclist is similar to what Skillibeng wears, which can be why the assumption was made that it was he who was in the video.

However, Skillibeng, whose real name is Emwah Warmington, took to his IG live to declare that he was alive and well. “The person weh send out da video deh- go s*ck yuh mumma…the first somebody we weh send da video deh caa uu don’t know a who and unu a talk bout ah me…the p****y dem want me dead enuh,” the artiste said.

Skillibeng is one of the newest voices rocking dancehall with his single “Brik pan Brik.” Skilli previously said that before he got his big break, that he had spent seven years as an underground artist before he went mainstream. His first song, “Brain Parts,” debut was in 2016 on the Purge rhythm.

The artiste received backlash recently for his song “Plane Crash wid e Coke,” which was filmed at the site of a former crime scene where a small plane mysteriously crashed in Clarendon. None of the pilots or passengers were recovered, and it has been speculated that the plane crash is somehow involved in the drug transshipment trade.