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NBA YoungBoy Baby Mamas Yaya Mayweather & Jania Reacts To His Arrest

NBA YoungBoy’s baby mothers have come out in solidarity following his recent arrest.

As previously reported, the Baton Rouge rapper was taken into custody by FBI and LAPD federal agents on Monday when he was captured after he attempted to elude the FBI on foot. The rapper was arrested in connection to investigations by the FBI over an incident late last year where guns and drugs were found on the set of a music video being filmed. Although the artiste reps denied his involvement, he was still arrested. Much to the delete of his fans and huge family, he was later offered bail to the tune of $75,000, which was promptly handed over.

NBA YoungBoy currently has seven different baby mothers, with his eldest child being only five years old. A few of the mothers of his children took to social media following his arrest to throw their support behind him. One of his baby mothers Jania, wrote, “Only 7 little people really matter right now idgaf about the rest.” Yaya Mayweather also shared a post, “MY DAY HAS BEEN COMPLETELY RUINED.” His current girlfriend, Jazlyn, shared a broken heart emoji in response to the news.

Some fans who know the history that NBA YoungBoy has had with the mothers of his children were quick to throw shade, especially towards Yaya Mayweather, who has been blasted for clinging to the rapper when he has clearly moved on.

Others brought up Yaya Mayweather’s vicious attack of another female linked to the rapper to show just how deep she is willing to ride for the one she loves. Some joked that he had about “10 kids,” so they were expecting to see at least ten different women speaking out against the lawmen. The rapper has yet to be granted bail.

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