Shenseea’s manager Romeich Major Helping 50 Families In Jamaica Amid New Lockdown

Romeich Shenseea
Romeich, Shenseea

Shenseea’s manager Romeich Major says he wants to help 50 families who are struggling in the pandemic with food and other necessities in the next week.

Jamaica is approaching 12 months since the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic. As a result, the country has seen main sectors in the economy such as entertainment and BPOs closing down while other sectors are contracting, resulting in job losses.

On Instagram on Monday, Romeich Major said even though things were difficult, he was moved to help. “I wanna help atleast 50 family this week to even have some groceries in there [sic] home. All my top people and popular people and people out there looking in I know if [sic] tuff on all of us….but I am willing to accept some help to use my platform for us to come together and help my people of Jamaica that are in need!!!”

He added that only those in need will get help. “Notice I say in NEED of HELP!!! Who helping DM ME NOW NOW NOW let’s do this,” he said.

He posted the graphic image on his Instagram with the caption, “no matter how small all adds up let’s do this! Let’s show them we all can work together to do greatness for person [sic] in NEED!”

Meanwhile, music producer Skatta Burrell is also taking on a charitable endeavor as he has asked for fans to help identify a gentleman whose vehicle was seized by authorities. In a viral video, the man says he is going to work and shows his saw and mason equipment which are in the car, that he says is for his work. He says the seizing of the car will affect his ability to earn an honest dollar. Skatta appealed to fans to support the endeavor as he listed his PayPal for donations to assist the man. Based on the number of responses, this led Skatta to set up a GoFundme to collect funds to help others who had similar issues.