Dexta Daps Recruits Tory Lanez & Louie Culture For “Call Me If” Remix

Dexta Daps is going international as his latest hit, “Call Me If,” has been remixed featuring Tory Lanez and Louie Culture. The “Naked” singer announced on his Instagram account on Thursday that he would be dropping the song at 9:00 PM.

The song shows Dexta Daps performing the opening segment of the song as he acknowledges the female actress’s frustration with her man, and he advises her, “the likkle man na F*** yuh good, better yuh f*** somebody else, call me if…”

Tory Lanez appears with his usual sexy style as he delivers a fire verse handling patois with ease only few outsiders can achieve. The video shows all three of the artists on the remix in the same room as they perform for the camera. Details about the collaboration and planning for the song have not been released, but the “Vent” singer directed fans to his website.

Known as the ladies’ man, Dexta Daps, whose real name is Louis Grandison, has made a name for himself in dancehall in a niche with less competition as he consistently delivers sexy R&B flavored dancehall ballads that are especially the favorite of his female fans across the Caribbean and the world.

Since his debut, he has released many hits, which include the songs “7Eleven” and “Shabba Mada Pot,” in 2015, the latter being paid in homage to dancehall artist’s Shabba Ranks’ late mother, who he grew up around in Seaview Gardens, Kingston.

His latest album Vent is his second released in 2020, which features “Call Me If” as the number one song on the album. On the track, Dexta Daps sampled a classic by Louie Culture- his 1994 hit song “Gangalee,” which references the song title as part of Daps’ chorus in “Call Me If.”

Dexta Daps released his first album in 2017, Intro, which featured the song that cemented his talents with the ladies, “Bring It to the Owna,” that featured himself and Lady Ice which sent tongues wagging due to the sexy and suggestive content of the video.

His smooth and sexy style features narratives about cheating or other men falling short, and so Dexta Daps offers his skills, make up his main lyrics, but no matter how many songs he writes or sings, the ladies keep coming back for more!

Meanwhile, many fans of the crooner view his latest collaboration with Tory Lanez as the beginning of his cross-over into the hip hop market. While he does have a few international collaborations with the likes of rapper M.I.A and Blakkman, his collaboration with Lanez could mean a successful transition to Hip Hop. Especially on a platform such as Lanez, who, despite his pending court case, has remained one of the most sought after artists in the genre by music lovers.

Lanez’s latest album, an R&B capsule Playboy immediately went No. 1 on major streaming services after being released earlier this month which shows his relevance to good music is still competitive despite the album not being placed on the front page of DSPs, as alleged by the artist who vented about the alleged suppression of his music. No doubt this could be due to the bad publicity that he has received following the ongoing case with Megan Thee Stallion that continues to cast a shadow over his career.

Despite the initial perceived damage to Tory Lanez’s career, his music is still loved and consumed by millions of fans. Dexta Daps might be able to cross over into Lanez’s territory, and he will be received by Daps’ millions of loyals fans or rather Daps’ loyal female fans who follow and support him religiously.