Dexta Daps Remembers Shabba Ranks’ Mother ‘Mama Christie’ As “A music Mother”

Dexta Daps remembers Shabba Ranks’ late mother “Mama Christie” as “A music Mother, A Community Mother.”

The dancehall singjay is paying homage to Shabba Ranks’ mother, Constance Christie, also affectionately known as Mama Christie, who passed away recently. The 81-year-old mother of Shabba Ranks is well known in the Seaview Garden community as the mother of all the children for her charity and benevolence towards the less fortunate.

So beloved she was that Dancehall Artiste Dexta Daps is publicly mourning her loss as he reacted in shock at her passing. Dexta had paid tribute to the elder Seaview Garden stalwart for being kind and loving in his 2016 song “Shabba Mada Pot”, which she also appeared in as she stirred a pot of her famous soup.

On Wednesday, Daps, whose real name is Louis Anthony Grandison Jr., penned a loving tribute to Mama Christie, who he says showed him kindness from the time he was a child. “U r a blessing to this earth…. A music mother. A community mother, and the mother of royalty Shabba Ranks. She was 1 of my 1st inspirations… As a yute growing up, ppl from my community including myself, got to witness a different kind of courtesy…Mama C TEK CARE A YUH N NUH KNOW YUH PARENT…I used to sneak to her house for a hot cup of soup even tho Mum P [his mother] didn’t like me taking things from any1…..Being part of the less fortunate, I didn’t know what owning a toy was like till she handed me a “draw back car” smh…”

Daps also reminisced on his relationship with Mama Christie, who treated him like her son. “Years after this she still calls me to her home just to share encouraging words and pray for me…”

He also disclosed that when he approached Mama Christie to appear in his 2016 video that sings about her famous pot, she didn’t give him an answer until after she had prayed to ensure it aligned with her Christian values. “She was a full blown Christian…when I asked her to be in my video, she said she would ask God b4 I could get an answer…She told me it was her 1st ever music video and she doesn’t normally do things like that but this is special.”

He added that her loss has deeply affected him. “I still can’t imagine not seeing her n squeezing her n laughing n reasoning…Still can’t find it to say I miss u cause I still can’t imagine u gone.”

Tributes have been pouring in for Mama Christie. Among those remembering her includes Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia Grange, who was also once the manager for Shabba Ranks in her private, professional capacity.

“Shabba would talk about ‘Mama Christie’ at every opportunity he got. She was a beautiful soul who supported her son in all his endeavours. She was his biggest cheerleader. In fact, it was Shabba’s public display of love and affection that led to so many younger artistes singing about their mothers.”