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Trey Songz Goes Viral For Wrong Reason & Plies Reacts To Kirk Franklin Fallout

R&B singer Trey Songz’s name has been on everyone’s lips after a video of him went viral earlier today.

The video shows the “Love Faces” singer standing over two women, the women are touching tongues, and he, in turn, seems to spit in the women’s mouths. What has really gotten the internet in a tizzy is the fact that both women appeared unfazed by his act and, in fact, does not seem to even care.

Trey Songz followers were certainly not going to let these actions go unnoticed without commenting on his action and also the actions of both women. From comments about the unsanitary display to comments about the pandemic, the followers all had something to say. The direct comments and memes were furious, even brutal at times.

See some of the more colorful comments includes: “Them two girls really sharing spit w trey songz in the middle of a panhandle??” Another person said, “I really regret looking up why ppl are talking about Trey Songz on the TL rn.”

“Trey Song really spit in them people mouth TF while we still in a Pandemic..And they sat there and let him do it Chileee wtf is going on.”

We are not sure what is really going on as the singer has not issued a statement; however, let’s see what happens in the next few days.

While the internet was going wild over Trey’s antics, rapper Plies and Kirk Franklin were making the news. Fans have often commented on the resemblance between Plies and Franklin despite the fact they are not related. A few years ago, Plies even invited the gospel music artiste to his strip club, and in exchange, he would go to church. Needless to say, Franklin turned down his offer, and we are not quite sure if Plies ever visited his church.

In this latest development with the two artists, Plies reportedly said he wanted to include Franklin on a track after hearing an “audio recording of Mr. Melodies From Heaven,” which had explicit lyrics.

He posted on social media: “That was NOT My Dawg on that Phone That Was ME!!!!!! #ITakeFullResponsibilityForThoseActions.” He also wrote, “I Gotta Put My Dawg On The Album Now 4real!!!!! He Sounded Just Like Me On That Phone Bih!!!!! #AintNoneOfUsPerfect”