NotNice & Popcaan’s Sister Unruly Squid Hash Out Relationship On IG Live

Popcaan’s sister Annalecia Sutherland aka Unruly Squid, and her child’s father, Ainsley “NotNice” Morris of NotNice Records, took to Instagram Live to speak on their relationship issues.

Unruly Squid believes a woman should always be happy in a relationship, and her partner should ensure she is. “A man must always ensure seh him woman is happy and contented inna di relationship, once it start go downhill, A di man always a do him f***ry bag a gal..” she continues, “Once a woman unhappy she a go mek u f***ing unhappy.”

Claiming that men love to play the victim when they have messed up, she drew reference to her past relationship with the producer. For this section, NotNice addressed his followers, asking if they saw what he had to deal with. Unruly Squid declared that she was spoiled, which was the reason for her behavior while they were together. “A happy wife a happy life,” she concluded.

She said a man would never say sorry, which was a hint that infidelity may have played a part in their breakup. Some followers called her “selfish,” however, from all indications, Squid does not seem fazed by any of the negative comments being thrown at her.

While they are no longer together, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the two being able to have an open and respectful conversation in the public eye. The light banter may have also highlighted to their followers why they broke up. The two have certainly mended fences and seem content to play their role in their son’s life. Perhaps there may even be a chance for them to get back together. Maybe Popcaan and NotNice can also mend fences.