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Tommy Lee Sparta Warns Leakers Of His Music While Incarcerated

Tommy Lee Sparta sends a stern warning to anyone leaking his music.

Jamaican dancehall entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta may be incarcerated, but is not mincing words when it comes to individuals leaking his music online. In a post earlier this afternoon, he had this to say in reference to someone leaking one of his tracks:

“Anybody leak any of my new songs Spartan we go chop off them head an stitch it inna dem belly some big p***y gal an some b***y bwoy love leak man song any page leak me song plz unno jus report it an sen out the person name.” Issuing this ominous warning to the person or persons responsible quickly drew reactions from his fans, with some agreeing with him while others cautioned him based on the wording. Tommy Lee has become the second incarcerated dancehall act within the past two weeks to have issue serious threats via social media.

Gaza leader Vybz Kartel lashed out at one social media user after he/she hypothetically asked just how Kartel would feel if his eldest son Likkle Vybz suffered the same fate as Lizard, the person the deejay was convicted for killing. Kartel or whoever handles his account was quick to react. “wonder how u would feel if me send come shot yuh inna u face in front u mada.” He later added, “any bwoy even dream dat, everyting inna him yaad dead. all di baby weh just born yesterday. Stop mek internet fool yuh gyal.”

The debate is still out on whether any of these incarcerated deejays have access to their social media accounts. It should be noted that a promotional post for a new track titled “Bubble Up” was shared to Tommy’s account shortly after his warning. “GYAL DEM READY? WEH DI GALLIS DEM DEH? DROP HAR OFF PIC A NEXT ONE Loading…” It also had the date March 19, which seems to be the official release date.

Tommy Lee Sparta has been incarcerated since December 2020. A vehicle he was traveling in was stopped and searched, and a 9mm Glock pistol with a magazine containing 18 rounds was found in his waistband. His case is set for mention on March 24, after it was rescheduled when he made an appearance in February. What are your thoughts on the deejays post?