Chris Brown Says Aliens “Will Help Us Get On The Right Path”

Chris Brown seems to think that aliens exist, and he doesn’t trust the government to act on behalf of world citizens. In an Instagram story post, the “Look at Me Now” artist shared his belief in the controversial topic of cosmic frequency.

“If aliens exist, I sure hope our governments aren’t speaking on our behalf,” the singer said before continuing, “Cosmic disclosure will help us to get on the right path/ frequency with the planet and break us free from the mental cage.”

The “Go Crazy” singer seems to be saying that Aliens might actually be helpful to humans in setting them free from the mental cage.

While the post came out of nowhere, it appears that Chris Brown is making a link to say that people are in mental slavery, and if Aliens were to come to earth, then the government should not be trusted to speak on behalf of citizens as mental slavery seems to benefit the government.

It’s a bizarre theory that doesn’t necessarily propagate the idea that aliens exist, but if they do, it seems that only the aliens can help them get on the “right path/frequency.” He did not elaborate further on the topic of aliens and mental slavery, but one can only speculate why Breezy is now raising the topic.

Chris Brown IG Story

Fans, though, seem to get the drift as they understood what they were saying. “eggggzaactly the government gone f*k it up for us,” one Instagram user commented.

Another said, “the mental cage that these reptilian politicians created!!! CBreezy lowkey woke I see you.”

Meanwhile, some poked fun at the artist as they claimed he might be high on drugs. However, other fans came to his defense. “I hate when close minded people hear or see something they don’t understand, they call it drugs or mental illness,” one fan said.