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Yaya Mayweather Went Viral Again For Reaction To “Back In Blood” Playing In The Club

Yaya Mayweather doesn’t like Pooh Shiesty’s ft Lil Durk’s “Back in Blood,” and a recent outing saw her not reacting to the song being played at all. The young mother and her entire crew were out at the club but were silent when the song came on.

The song has been a popular favorite as it played at dozens of events during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Atlanta. Yaya Mayweather was spotted at the club where another one of NBA Youngboy’s exes- Jania Meshell. The two were spotted in sections that were next to each other.

Yaya went viral weeks ago after she showed her disdain for the song during a live session on Instagram. When the song came on, she immediately blurted out, “turn this weak-ass song off,” as she whined for the song to be removed immediately. The video of her was shared multiple times as fans joked and made fun of her reaction. In spite of her dislike, the song is now trending as a current hit which means that people are also making TikTok videos of it.

A video of her appears to show her taking a phone call as the song comes on, and her entire crew appears unimpressed by the song but yet, others around them bopped to the hit single as they loudly shouted out the lyrics, including Jania, who appears to be dancing on a table.

Many are of the view that Yaya’s opposition of the song stems from her connection to NBA Youngboy, who is connected to Quando Rondo, who was involved in a shooting last year in which King Von died. She appears to be proving her loyalty to Youngboy, who has eight children, of which seven are biologically his. In spite of Yaya’s best efforts, NBA Youngboy continues to sow his seeds as he recently had two new babies, which includes Yaya and Dream Symone’s children being born months apart and the rapper appearing to continue his relationship with Symone.