Claudia Jordan Recalls Meek Mill Embarrassing Nicki Minaj At A Jamaican Restaurant

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill

Meek Mill can’t catch a break, but arguably the many controversies that are engulfing him are caused by him, so any sympathy for him is short-lived.

The latest drama surrounding the Philly rapper is Claudia Jordan, recalling an incident where Meek embarrassed his girlfriend at the time, Nicki Minaj, at a Jamaican restaurant back when they two briefly dated. On an episode of “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan” on Fox Soul, she says while out at the restaurant in Manhattan, Meek Mill went off on a fan who tried to take a photo of Nicki with him in it.

“I seen him one time out in a restaurant with Nicki Minaj. This was back in the day. I had just finished Housewives. It was a Jamaican restaurant in The Village and him and Nicki were there. She was super friendly to me. I had just gotten off Housewives. She said hi and everything.”

However, Meek’s behavior at the fan taking the photo caused a scene that made Nicki clearly uncomfortable and embarrassed. “Meek got upset about someone trying to take a picture of them in the restaurant. It’s Nicki Minaj, the biggest rapper of all time- at the time- and Meek Mill, like they’re a hot celebrity rap couple – and of course someone is going to try and take a picture.”

Jordan says she felt sorry for the “Pink Friday” rapper. “He like, made a scene, and I remember feeling kinda bad for Nicki, she was like ‘yo, okay’, trying to control her guy like ‘just chill, just chill’. We were one table over and it was super uncomfortable. I think that Meek maybe has emotional reactions to things. I think he’s kind of impulsive. I think he says things and maybe thinks about it later.”

Fans reacted to Jordan’s statement, with many asking what she meant by Nicki being the biggest rapper “at the time” as they debated that she is still the biggest female rapper currently. “She’s still the biggest female rapper, the richest, the prettiest, and the one with the most talent,” one person said.

Others, however, came to Meek’s defense as they say Jordan is broad brushing one encounter with Meek to make him appear emotionally unstable. “I think using words like impulsive and emotional reactions is a stretch considering she’s only had that ONE encounter which wasn’t even an encounter she’s [sic] was at another table according to her so yea..this is a reach to me.”

Claudia Jordan says Nicki Minaj fans gave been sending her death threats.

Claudia Jordan revealed in a video on her Instagram Story that she has been getting death threats and harassment from Nicki Minaj Barbz since she tell the story, but remained unfazed.

She said that she will only, “address the bulls**t every once in a while and then I’ll be off it for a few months until something else happens,” Jordan said. “Y’all be doing little death threats and the little we gon ‘Imma spit on you when I see you cause you talked about Meek Mill’ or ‘You didn’t say Nicki is the greatest alive right now — of all time — or forever and a day,’ and ‘I thought you were trying to shade her with your compliment’ — I wasn’t.”