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DaBaby Sued For Allegedly Punching Property Owner During Music Video Shoot

DaBaby is being sued for assault by a vacation rental homeowner.

The Charlotte rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, reportedly rented a Runyon Canyon vacation home, and after allegedly breaching the lease terms, he is being taken to court. According to Variety, the property owner rented DaBaby the home on the condition that a dozen people at maximum would be present. When that wasn’t the case, and the owner showed up to stop what was actually a music video shoot, he alleges that he was assaulted by the rapper and posse, and his phone was taken.

Gary Pagar, the homeowner, says DaBaby brought 40 people to the house for the shoot violating both the rental terms as well as COVID-19 restrictions. The lease terms reportedly don’t allow for commercial use of the home. According to the lawsuit drawn against DaBaby, Pagar says he was first knocked to the ground by an unknown party when he went to the house to end the soiree.

When he arrived, DaBaby was reportedly sitting in a vehicle with YouTube star Jake Paul who was a part of the production. The rapper then allegedly chased Pagar into the house, telling him not to call the police before punching him in the mouth and knocking one of his teeth right out.

Pagar, 64, states in the complaint that he was also spat on and taunted by the group that was tossing his phone from one person to the other. DaBaby and his entourage reportedly got out of dodge when the police were summoned, leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damages. According to the suit, DaBaby and his friends even destroyed a security camera to cover up the fact that they had 40 people at the house instead of 12. They allegedly left with “valuable kitchenware” and Pagar’s phone.

“Mr. Kirk appears to think he’s a real tough guy,” Pagar states in the court documents. “Mr. Kirk is wrong.” The homeowner is suing both DaBaby and his manager, Kinsza Virgil. According to Pagar, DaBaby also stands accused of only covering a part of the rental bill. So the rapper not only allegedly destroyed Pagar’s property and stole his phone, but he didn’t even cut a check.