Reggae Singer Chuck Fenda Gets Emotional Discussing Being Abandoned By Mother

Chuck Fenda is opening up about his relationship with his mother.

“Even as a big man like me..when Mother’s Day come across, me neva understand it,” 48-year-old reggae entertainer Chuck Fenda recently expressed while speaking to Simone Clarke-Cooper on Television Jamaica’s morning time show, Smile Jamaica. The onetime hardcore dancehall act turned reggae singer joined the show virtually to discuss his brand new song “Eternal Fire.” The conversation transitioned deep into his past as he spoke on the newfound relationship with his mom.

The singer explained to the host that he was made to live with his grandparents in Spanish Town at just 6 weeks old, and he had not seen his mother since then. Naturally, Chuck Fenda, whose real name is Leshorn Whitehead, was unable to recall any memory of his mom, even though she visited the island on two other occasions since then. He is now planning to stage a physical meet-up with his mom, who now lives in California after they reconnected 3 years ago.

“I’m talking to her, she called the other day to say she wants us to meet up …but the pandemic came along and I didn’t get to fly to California to see her… I’d really love to see her and hug her …” The “I swear,” singer said before breaking down in tears at the thought of his lifelong pursuit finally being achieved.

As documented by The Star, the two had connected via WhatsApp in 2017 with the help of relatives. The entertainer recently explained that he feels his mom was hesitant to get close because of the circumstances under which she got pregnant. She shared the details of how it all went down in a lengthy email, the artiste explained.

“Throughout my conversations with my mother, she tell me what happen. She was really young, and when she went to look for my grandmother at the hospital one day she meet an elderly guy, and had sex the one night and never see him back,” he further explained.

There is no loss of love for the woman who gave him life, he told Simone. Chuck Fenda has previously expressed his love for his mom and mothers of his 11 kids on his tribute track “Mama.”

“I still love her same way…So deep down in my heart I have to forgive her,” he said. To the entertainer, even the faintest bit of contact would have been enough.

“She could at least call and say boy you aright or XYZ but a lot of mothers go through this and a lot of children go through this as well,” he said.

You can check out the complete interview below before tuning into the singer’s most recent track.