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Kimbella Gifted Juelz Santana A Maybach Truck For His Birthday: Love & Hip Hop

Juelz Santana’s wife Kimbella surprised him with a brand new Maybach Truck for his birthday.

Since he was released from prison last year, Juelz Santana has been enjoying every waking moment with his family. They seem to be on a constant high, always celebrating something with lavish gifts and excursions and the rapper’s birthday was no exception. For Santana’s 39th birthday, his wife Kimbella Vanderhee gifted him a brand new 2021 Maybach Truck that is reportedly worth around $160,000.

Juelz Santana took to Instagram to share a short clip of the moment he received the gift and dragged his wife into the snow to celebrate. “WOW… I Can’t Believe It, My Wife Got Me The MayBach Truck 4 My Bday. I Love u Soooooo F$$kin Much My Love, U R The Best @kimbellasworld,” he wrote in the caption of the post.

The “Santana Free” party is still in full effect and while he must wait until August to officially be done with his supervised release, the rapper is not letting anything get him down or hold him back. Just a few months ago, Juelz went all out for Kimbella when it was her birthday as well.

The apple of his eye has been the one to hold down his kids and home while he did his time, and they seem to be so much happier than they ever were. For her birthday last year, not long after he became a free man again, Juelz adorned Kim’s wrist with some icy jewelry and treated her to a romantic dinner date. At the end of the night, he gifted his wife a brand new 2021 Range Rover to drive home in.

Kimbella clearly didn’t miss when it was her time for gifting. Juelz is absolutely elated to be the owner of the new Maybach Truck, as seen in the video he posted of him and his wife rolling around in the snow. The rapper also shared another post still in utter disbelief, thanking Kimbella for the luxurious wheels. “Maybach, MayBach… My Baby Went Above N Beyond For My Bday… Still Can’t Believe It.. U The [goat] Baby,” he wrote in the caption.

These two lovebirds are inseparable.