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Megan Thee Stallion Allegedly Get Into It With Pardison Fontaine On IG Live

Megan Thee Stallion is being accused by fans of sniffing snow after an altercation with her alleged boyfriend is captured on Instagram Live.

Amidst a video surfacing of Megan Thee Stallion audibly engaged in a spat with Pardison Fontaine, fans are speculating that the rapper was doing drugs. Pardi, who is a New York rapper and reportedly Megan’s new flame, can be heard in the background knocking loudly on the bathroom door and demanding that Megan and company come out. They seemed to refuse, at least for a while, if Pardi’s palpable fury is any indication and the situation appeared to escalate into an aggressive confrontation.

The video that is currently circulating on social media has incited mixed reactions. While some fans hardly see any evidence of foul play, a majority of those who have chimed in strongly believe that Megan Thee Stallion was snorting lines in the bathroom. “They was doing bumps,” one fan wrote. “Let the girl get some lines in,” another quipped. “Damn they can’t sniff in peace,” said another sarcastic comment.

Based on the ruckus in the background, fans assume the argument became physical for a moment, and they are speculating that Megan may be more toxic than they think while suggesting that we reevaluate our stance on her infamous shooting scandal with Tory Lanez. “She likes insecure abusive type dudes,” one fan wrote. “This how ik Meg lied on Tory,” another said.

A majority of the comments now call for Tory Lanez’s former reputation to be restored, claiming he must have been innocent since – as one put it – Megan Thee Stallion is “the common denominator.” Some are now of the opinion that the “Cry Baby” rapper is an “alcoholic mess,” with at least one fan suggesting that “She need to stop drinking smh.” While it remains unclear what Megan and her friends were really doing in the bathroom as she was not actually seen on camera at any point, fans are having a ball with their wild guesses, which have included sniffing crack and having a threesome.

In the video, one friend claims that Meg is “literally using the restroom,” which hardly requires an audience. Perhaps the extreme assumptions are as bizarre as they sound, and the rapper had a simple trip to the bathroom made into a viral drug bust and a slanderous potential sex scandal.

It came as a surprise to most fans that outlets were referring to Pardi as Megan’s boyfriend, though. The New York rapper and songwriter went viral a few short years ago after it was suspected that he was Cardi B’s ghostwriter, but the “Bodak Yellow” rapper says he just cowrites. There is no word on how long Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine have been dating or if they’ve even confirmed their relationship. Hopefully, the “Savage” rapper has not entered into another toxic union.

Do you think Megan Thee Stallion was doing something taboo behind that closed door?