Jahmiel Talks Tommy Lee Sparta & Chronic Law Clash And His Regrets


Dancehall singjay Jahmiel sat down recently with the team from The Fix, where he very candidly spoke about his relationships with other dancehall acts, namely Vershon, Tommy Lee Sparta, and Chronic Law.

He began his conversation by speaking on his past differences with Vershon. Both artists have reportedly been at odds for over four years. The two recently buried the hatchet and are currently working on a new project together, which should be released shortly. He said while driving, “the spirit” instructed him to do a collaboration with Vershon, and he decided to reach out to him.

The singjay described himself as a humble person and stated: “If yuh a seh God bredda yuh haffi a deal wid love bro, is like mi can’t have no funny feeling within miself is like mi a play hypocrite.”

He also spoke briefly about his most recent EP, “Revamp,” which he confessed reflected a lot about his life. The 5-track project boasts songs such as “Preserve My Life,” “Lights Off,” “Life Lessons,” and “I See An Angel.” Jahmiel professed his relationship with God and said he was only dealing with love and peace.

For now, the entertainer who professes “he creates music to “heal people,” said it makes no sense for us to fight “among each other it’s better for all to live in peace.” He elaborated that his ego may have contributed to some of his earlier behaviors as he did not have the correct mindset.

When pressed if he would do a clash with Tommy Lee Sparta and Chronic Law, Jahmiel said, “If the spirit lead mi fi do that.” There are still questions surrounding who won the lyrical spat between Jahmeil and Tommy Lee. Jahmiel is simply leaving the judging “up to the people dem bredda.” He noted that persons have reached out to him that he won; similarly, they have also said Tommy Lee won. It was hard for Jahmiel to step away from the world of clashing. After all, he explained that he has been clashing since he was in primary school, and it’s something that he loves to do.

When asked if he would do a clash again, he said: “No mi nuh think me have that time deh, mi have a bigger mission to accomplish, but mi been through that people see wha Jahmiel capable of doing mi nuh feel like mi have nutten fi prove again and at the end of the day mi show dem seh yeah mi can do that but mi nuh choose fi do that.”

We await the release of his collaboration with Vershon and applaud him for his positive words and message.