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Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne Working On Joint Album Coming 2021

Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne got a joint project on the way.

Just days after finding out that Jim Jones apparently wanted to put hands on Lil Wayne, there is no word that another Dipset top dog has some new material on the way with Tunechi. Un Kasa of the Dipset clan was chatting with Mikey T, The Movie Star on the Report Card Radio, when he made the big reveal that Juelz Santana and Weezy are cooking up.

“They got a whole new album now,” said Un Kasa. “I ain’t hear none of it. I might have heard some snippets before ‘Elz got incarcerated, but they got a whole new album that they supposed to put out together.”

This is not the first time that Lil Wayne and Santana are collaborating. The two have previously worked on official releases such as “Black Republicans,” “Hot Sh_t,” “Rewind,” “Bad Side,” “Nothing On Me,” “Bloody Mary,” and a host of other tracks. The two were also working on a joint project titled I Can’t Feel My Face, which has yet to see the light of day.

According to Un Kasa, he was there for the creation of that project more than a decade ago.

“Him and ‘Elz might have did a few songs together in the same studio but pretty much that whole project was coming through emails,” he mentioned. “Elz would do a verse and a hook, send it to Wayne. No longer than 25 minutes to a half an hour, Wayne would have that sh_t sent back in an email.”

There are still questions surrounding just why I Can’t Feel My Face was never released. Kana explains that there were no signs that the rappers themselves had anything to do with it being shelved. “I think the reason that album didn’t go–it wasn’t because of the artists or Wayne or ‘Elz,” he explained. “I don’t think they could figure out the business of it.”

While speaking with Joe Budden a few days ago, Jim Jones spoke about Wayne seemingly jacking his hook on their track “Weather Man,” which he then reworked for a verse on Fat Joe’s “Make It Rain.” Jones revealed that it was Santana who ensured that there was no actual beef between him and Wayne.

It’s definitely a breath of fresh air to know that Santana, who was released from prison last year, has some material on the way. Are you excited for what seems to be a reworked effort of the long await I Can’t Feel My Face?