Shenseea Lends Her Voice For COVID-19 PSA In Jamaica Amid Rising Cases

Shenseea lends her voice and influences to issue warning about COVID-19 in Jamaica amid rising new cases.

The big C, and we’re not taking cancer, has been the topic on everyone’s tongues for the past few months. The World Health Organization is working tirelessly to find ways to combat the deadly COVID-19 virus. One of the first steps in the process is public education, which the Jamaican government is looking to tap into through one of the island’s biggest stars Shenseea.

The dancehall singer recently provided an ‘educational’ parody of her popular 2019 hit song “Trending Gyal,” coming at us in the form of a message from the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The track outlines the safety precautions to take during the pandemic and the consequences you could face if they are not observed.

With lyrics like, “Covid in town, 6 feet apart than 6 feet in the ground,” and” sanitize or get hospitalized,” the song is already proving to be a hit among her followers.

The Health Minister, who is no stranger to social media, posted the video with the caption, “328 Covid-19 cases reported within the last 24 hours. Wise up Jamaicans. Complacency time is OVER. MASK UP. SANITIZE. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE and listen to this message from @shenseea.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness collaborating with Romeich Entertainment and Shenseea proves to be a good move since the socialite has been known to have a huge influence over the island’s younger demographic.

Jamaicans are showing support to message with comments like, “Cold bumps a take mi … love the message,” alongside other comments stating, “We don’t need a lockdown so please tan ah yu yaad.” And as everyone can now see, it is a group effort by all to reinforce the warning.

Jamaica recorded 328 new cases in 24 hours on Friday, which is the highest tally of new cases recorded for this time frame. The number represents a jump from the 263 recorded the previous day. Jamaica has since recorded 16,841 confirmed cases of the deadly virus, a number the country’s leaders are hoping will begin to dwindle as vaccines are administered.

Check out the full video below to hear all about the various ways in which you can protect yourself.