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Lil Baby Caught Rylo In Deep Sleep While Standing Up

Lil Baby caught 4PF rapper Rylo Rodriguez slipping.

Few have mastered the art of sleeping while standing up, and though it is no easy feat, Lil Baby managed to capture it for all of Instagram to see. Baby, who has been hanging out with Rylo Rodriguez lately, shared a video of the rapper conked out while standing upright in the kitchen.

Lil Baby posted the video on his Instagram Story on Monday (Feb. 8), bringing a welcomed laugh to millions of timelines. Across the frame of the clip exposing Rylo’s hidden talent, he tagged “@rylorodriguez” with a series of covered face emojis. Rylo appeared to be in a deep sleep in the short video, but it’s obvious that it came on suddenly. The rapper was still holding his smartphone, which was still lit as he stood frozen in one place with his eyes closed like the mannequin challenge.

The funny clip of Rylo Rodriguez dozing off vertically has gone viral since being documented on Lil Baby’s Instagram Story. Based on Rylo’s Instagram Story, it must have been some night because a number of his friends were also seen passed out all over the house. The 4PF clan apparently got together to celebrate Super Bowl LV, and they clearly had a great time.

These days anything Lil Baby does court media attention, and with the rapper coming off the heels of such a successful 2020 despite all odds, the anticipation is great for another stupendous year from the rapper. So far, Baby has teased upcoming tracks with the likes of Drake, which has fans excited about what he has in store for 2021. In the meantime, the Atlanta rapper and the rest of his 4PF outfit are having fun and enjoying life.

Do you think Rylo Rodriguez could spark a new challenge sleeping while standing up?