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21 Savage Earns Sauce Walka’s Wrath Over Fake Diamonds Joke

21 Savage and Sauce Walka managed to squash the beef between them before it really got started.

Lately, more and more artists seem to be getting trapped in life-consuming feuds that appear to be born out of frivolity. As we continue to champion a positive change in that area, two rappers are giving us hope that issues can actually be resolved in the hip-hop community before they get violent or fatal. 21 Savage slid in Sauce Walka’s DM to squash the developing rift between them.

It was starting to look like 21 Savage and Sauce Walka were going to have some serious beef after some comments were made on Clubhouse that led to the issue being addressed on social media. “@21savage Hatin & Pillow talkin to them h*es….. IG got u PUNK ni**az hurt huh F**K IT new classic drippin grab ya phone,” Sauce Walka wrote addressing 21 Savage on Instagram. In the video he posted, he shared a quick threatening message to 21 Savage. “Shut yo b***h a** up before I get to talkin sh*t about you,” the Houston rapper yelled.

21 Savage heeded the warning and made peace with the rapper in the DMs. Sauce Walka confirmed that everything was good again, sharing a screenshot of 21 Savage’s message on his page. “Ion want no smoke gang,” 21 said with several tearful laughing emojis. Alongside the post confirming that the beef had been squashed, the rapper wrote, “We all good,” with a series of laughing emojis himself. “My boy was almost burnt crapes on,” he added.

It’s not often that we see rappers backing down and politely turning down the smoke. Perhaps “no smoke” can save lives in 2021 as “all the smoke” took them in 2020. Do you think more hip-hop artists can settle their feuds more peacefully?