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Trey Songz Reacts To Leaked Sex Tape That Ignite Twitter

Trey Songz is trending after his alleged sex tape leaks.

Fans are in a tizzy on Twitter over an adult video that is speculated to be R&B singer Trey Songz. The singer who recently made his own OnlyFans account is currently trending after one of his private videos went viral. The leak that surfaced on Twitter on Wednesday has delighted a legion of fans who have been pining for a glimpse of the singer in the nude if only to substantiate the sexual prowess he often touts. One fan now says, “gonna start listening to trey songz music with a clearer perspective.”

The immense reactions that have surfaced about the video are overtly smutty, to say the least, giving the event a particularly favorable connotation for Mr. Songz. The singer is yet to address the ongoing frenzy about the clip, which allegedly shows him receiving oral sex. In the video that has been circulating online, the male protagonist reveals a tatted hand, a clue adoring fans are surely already deciphering to validate the story.

Trey Songz’s mentions have been bombarded with lewd requests and indecent proposals since his alleged adult star debut. One popular tweet among the conversation thread said, “Trey Songz I see why the neighbors knew ya name.” The influx of memes that the short erotic clip has also inspired is fully stocked with equally laughable reactions from fans finding the anatomy of the “Heart Attack” singer appealing.

Some fans were scrambling to find the video in angst that it would soon disappear. One even shamelessly admitted something many of us were probably guilty of as well. “I just came to Twitter to see trey songz alleged nude video,” she wrote. Based on the consensus, she shouldn’t be disappointed about that decision.

Trey Songz’s alleged sex tape is still floating around online while the singer continues to trend with tens of thousands of tweets mentioning his name. Here are some of the reactions to the leak.