Skillibeng’s Team Responds To Backlash Over Plane Crash Video

Following Skillibeng’s risky video for his new hit “Coke,” his label has come out in his defense. According to Tajay Edwards of EastSyde Records, the label and the artiste have no intention of hindering any investigation into the Rocky Point plane crash. Skillibeng used the crashed plane in a part of the video, which set off some serious questions on social media as to how security forces were handling the crash site.

The crash is still under investigation. The incident occurred in Clarendon on January 23. The Jamaica Star spoke with Edwards, who said Skillibeng chose the site because it had become one big attraction. He added that the company respected the law and had no intentions of tampering with the scene.

“We at EastSyde Records have the utmost respect for the security forces and the laws of the State. It was never the intention of the artiste or the team to defile the works or efforts of any investigation,” he said.

Edwards further explained that the team was out on a road trip, and happened to pass through the area. “We were intrigued to know that the site was being labelled a ‘new attraction’ for Rocky Point,” he added. He said that they were unaware that the site was part of an investigation because they saw” locals and domestic tourists” on site.

A police representative also released a statement, explaining that the plane was no longer considered part of the ongoing investigation.

“Officially, the (Jamaica) Constabulary Force, having done its initial investigation in relation to the plane crash, has no further interest in the aircraft. No crime was detected, neither was any reported to us,” the statement read. Skillibeng’s theatrics looks like it worked as the video for Coke, which was released late Monday, February 1, got almost 500,000 views in under 24 hours.