Queen Of Dancehall Spice Did The “Silhouette Challenge” On Her Head Top

Spice added some dancehall flavor to the “Silhouette Challenge.”

Dancehall entertainer and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Spice has entered the risque “Silhouette Challenge” despite emerging techniques of how to remove the signature red filter. Like just about every other internet craze these days, the challenge was born on the now-popular, once child-friendly application, TikTok. Unlike the #BussItChallenge that preceded it, the #SilhouetteChallenge encourages females to strip down to a degree of clothing, or lack thereof, that they are most comfortable with. For many, this means showing skin and a lot of it. Others have opted for body-hugging getups such as tights and leotards that mimic that nude look that defines what a silhouette is.

The Queen of Dancehall started her video entry in a vibrant blue wig and a beautiful Versace robe. She performed the signature walk to the frame of her bedroom door; seductively and invitingly lowered the shoulder of her robe, all before everything went red. What happened next was textbook Spice moves, accentuated by that sexy red filter.

Some of the moves performed by the Queen of the stage include a perfect headstand, a gently raising of the feet, and crawl one would probably expect from Halle Berry in Catwoman. As far as her naked eye could see, the “Under Fire” singer was clothed.

The video has already shown signs of going viral, as her 3.3 million Instagram followers get a taste of the raunchy snippet. Fellow dancehall singer Ce’Cile made Spice aware of just why she approved the video. She wrote, “The head man at.”

“It’s The Crawling For Me,” wrote one fan, while another hinted that the challenge was over and no other entries should be submitted following Spice’s effort. “Cu ya now. Mi naw bada,” the female fan wrote.

Spice is the first dancehall entertainer to have entered the challenge in question, which is presumably her way of making up for not taking part in the #BussItChallenge.

Should You Do The Silhouette Challenge?

While the #SilhouetteChallenge has grown exponentially popular in recent weeks thanks to TikTok, there is a lurking danger for women uncovered in the past few days. Some hackers have hijacked what was suppose to be about female empowerment and found a way to remove the filter and exposed some women.

To overcome this, women are opted to wear more clothing while doing the #SilhouetteChallenge just in case hackers decided to remove filters from their videos. So far a bunch of celebrity women have taken part in the challenge including Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish, Chloe Bailey, and many more.