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Rapper Uzzy Marcus’ Brother Killed 2 Women & Live Streams It on Instagram

A brother of upcoming rap artist Uzzy Marcus has been arrested and charged for the murder of two young women and sharing a live stream of the dead bodies of the women.

In a 17 minute live stream video, Raymond Weber, who also goes by the name Zino, the brother of California rapper Uzzy Marcus, can be seen brandishing a gun as he says, “this is the last time Im finna see y’all on Instagram…pray for me…me and the cops are gonna blaze it,” he says as he loads his gun puffs on a joint.

In the video, the naked and lifeless bodies of two females, one who has now been identified as a 15-year-old, lay on the ground. Weber whispers to no one in particular- “you trying to set me up, these b****ches trying to set me up…Marcus and Chaddy P trying to have be killed dog…” He also lifts up the lifeless hand of one of the females which can be seen as bloodied. He also touches her blond hair.

The gruesome video shocked social media users as Weber touched and taunted the victims, at one point asking “why you so hot,” as if the females were alive. Police say that the females were pronounced dead at the hospital. They have not said how the women died, but in the live video, the bodies appeared battered and bruised and also appeared to be shot and have knife wounds about the body. The long and gruesome video also shows the two bodies with private parts exposed as they lay obliquely opposite each other.

One of the bodies had a large tattoo on the upper right hand. “I don’t give a f**k I can’t go back to jail, he set it up,” he said even as he entertained a person who called into his Instagram live.

Raymond Weber also pawns his camera over the bodies of the women as he says, “tell Marcus he’s next, he and Chaddy P…”

Police reports say that a woman reported the live video to authorities who showed up to the apartment where Weber was holed up in which led to an 8-hour standoff with the police before he was arrested. “On January 30 at approximately 12: 42 am, officers responded to a call of a welfare check at the Rocky Hill Veterans Apartments…a woman called to report a man was inside an apartment and possibly armed. She stated the man had live streamed himself on social media from inside the apartment.”

Weber is presently held at Solano County Jail without the option of bail and will appear in court on February 2, 2021, to answer the charges.

Meanwhile, many fans who reacted to the videos online also questioned who Uzzy Marcus was, as the name was relatively unheard of until now for many. However, Uzzy Marcus is from Sacramento, California, and has been trying to make a name for himself in the music industry. He has a modest Instagram following with 24,000 followers, and his music is listed on Spotify and Tidal.