Beenie Man Fan Gets Tattoo Of His Iconic “Sim Simma” Line In His Handwriting

Beenie Man
Beenie Man

One lucky fan of Beenie Man managed to get his handwritten “Sim Simma” line tattooed on her body.

There is no doubt that Beenie Man is greatly loved by his fans. If that fact had somehow been forgotten, the legend made sure to remind the world today. “My fans are who keep me going,” says Beenie Man in his most recent post on Instagram. The post featured a screenshot of a fan who requested that he sent over a handwritten note of the words ‘Sim Simma” so she could get it tattooed.

The fan in question was clearly not playing as she ensured that the “Girls Dem Sugar” deejay was blessed with an image of the final product, implemented on her shoulder. “Sim Simma” is the title of Beenie Man’s 1997 single, which propelled him to a contract with Virgin Records.

The international, Grammy-award winning entertainer has definitely seen better days than what he has gone through these past few months. The rapper was rocked by the death of his mom last year September. As though that was not enough, the star recently split from his girlfriend of 5 years, Jamaican politician Krystal Tomlinson. The situation was handled very well by both parties in the media. Along with the other unsettling life changes, it would undoubtedly take a toll on the dancehall veteran.

Thankfully his fans have never been shy to show him that they love him, support him, and respect him. They flooded the comment section below the recent post, commending him on his handwriting while expressing just how humble he is. Beenie also gave a heartfelt shoutout to the fan who took the bold step to use her body as a canvas.