Rihanna Drags Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron For Black History Month Tweet

Rihanna woke up with the energy of the ancestors on Monday morning as she went after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron whose Black History month rubbed the “Work” artiste the wrong way.

Cameron posted the obligatory Black History month post as Feb 1 commemorates the month of observances in the United States  with a tweet asking his followers to “celebrate the contributions Black men and women  have made to our Commonwealth.”

However, it was Rihanna whose reply to  Cameron that led to him being dragged online for his unsatisfactory and unconvincing actions towards rights for African Americans especially in relation to the Breonna Taylor incident.

Rihanna trashed his tweet with just two word and the Breonna Taylor hastag “sup n****a #JusticeBreonnaTaylor,” she quoted his tweet.

In the video Cameron who eloquently speaks to black contributions but minimizes their sufferings by saying “now the road hasn’t always been easy,” even as he acknowledges his own place as an independently elected Attorney General, the first black person to hold such a post.

His followers however dragged him as they posted images of himself and his white wife. Other followers said he will forever be remembered as being “on the wrong side of history in the Breonna Taylor case, he lied to protect her killers and kept her family from getting justice..that’s his contribution.”

Many persons who dislike Cameron do so because of his delay in charging the officers who broke into her house and shot and killed her- Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove after they served a no-knock warrant on her apartment in March 2020. When Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker though there was an ongoing home invasion prompting him to  fire a warning shot, the police responded by firing 32 shots in  total, fatally hitting Breonna Taylor.

The were not charged although one of them was indicted by a grand jury for wanton endangerment for shooting through the patio door form outside the apartment. Jurors later explained that there was no indictment for the  death of Taylor because they were never presented with  the option to indict the men and that they also didn’t see all the evidence- all the negligence of Cameron’s office.

Many felt Cameron obstructed justice and caused delays to avoid any possible success of prosecution “…F**k you and your team who thought this would be a gogod idea. F**k you for obstruction justice and f**k those who are keeping you in power…” one quote tweet to Cameron’s original post read.