Wendy Williams Reveals Pregnancy For Eric B. & Abortion, Eric B. Responds

Wendy Williams
Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams startled fans with details about a relationship she had with 80’s rapper Eric B in which she said she had an abortion after the couple split.

The shocking details came out during the premiere of her biopic Wendy Williams: The Movie, aired on Lifetime on Saturday, January 30, 2021. It’s been a very different year for Wendy Williams, who seems to have decided 2021 is the year she sits in the hot chair and shares juicy bits of her life.

Now, the news about her and Eric B. is not new as the two were linked in 2019 as having been involved in the past, but nobody knew how intense the relationship was until now. Eric B. of Eric B. and Rakim was one of the biggest rap stars of the 80s. Many people were shocked by the revelation in her movie, which said that the rapper and famous producer had used Wendy’s credit card and rented vehicles, and this later ruined her credit!

But that was just the beginning of what was to come as the movie unfolded. Wendy Williams, who is the mother of 18-year-old Kevin Jr, was also pregnant by Eric, and she says she had to get an abortion. “Our relationship, Imean if you could call it that, didn’t even last a year…when it was all over, my credit was ruined- and I was growing his seed.”

Wendy floored fans and possibly Eric B if he is watching the movie- she had an abortion in secret, not even he knew about it – “I went alone and I went in secret…I didn’t tell him or anyone else. It was one of the loneliest experiences of my life.”

Fans reacted in shock as the details unfolded, and many posted memes at the fact that Eric B. rented cars using Wendy’s credit card. “not letting Eric B ruin your credit. Now Rakim #WendyWilliamsMovie.”

Another fan said, “Wendy was pregnant witht Eric B’s baby!!!! Yoooo !!! imagine if he’s finding out watching this movie. Oh well, he messed up her credit.”

The TV show host is usually the one with the juiciest details about other celebrities, but now it seems that she is controlling the narrative regarding her personal life. Among the more well-known details are that she was once doing drugs, but details as to her upbringing also came up- she was assaulted growing up, and she also was a hustler, having first started her entertainment career from multiple radio jobs, including a stint at Hot 97.

Eric B. has since responded on Instagram writing, “To hilarious I laughed to well it made for great Tv But the truth is something different Try that.” He also shared a throwback photo of himself rocking his signature multiple oversize gold chains while standing beside a Rolls-Royce.

Fans have been reacting on Twitter. Here’s what they’re saying.