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Kodak Black Gets His Lawyers Name Tattooed On His Hand After Prison Release

Kodak Black is showing his gratitude to his Attorney-at-Law Bradford Cohen by tattooing the lawyer’s name on his hand in a show of gratitude for his assistance with getting outgoing president Donald Trump to pardon him.

This is Kodak Black’s first public appearance since being pardoned last week. He had been sentenced in 2019 to 46 months in jail after taking a plea bargain over federal weapons charges.

The rapper, whose real name is Bill Kapri, is 23 years old had admitted to lying on background check forms while buying several guns in two different incidents. Those guns were later found by police at crime scenes and were traced back to him after one had his fingerprints.

Kodak Black’s pardon was something he has asked for publicly many times during the final year of the Trump Presidency. Black also promised to make amends to society by donating $1 million to charity. He and Lil Wayne are the only two rappers to have been on Trump’s 100 list pardon despite other interventions.

Meanwhile, fans did not react positively to the new tattoo. One person commented, “I never seen a more undeserving n***a get some [sic] many chances..hope he gets his sh*t together this time.”

It’s truly hoped that Kodak heeds the final words of the sentencing judge – Justice Federico Moreno, who told the rapper at his sentencing hearing, “young people do stupid things. But the problem is that you’ve been doing stupid things since you were 15.”

Kodak’s young promising career has been punctuated by various run-ins with the law, including facing drug, weapons, and robbery charges, violating his terms of probation and being under indictment on charges of criminal sexual conduct in 2016.

In spite of those, the Grammy-nominated rapper has great potential and has in the past enjoying passing success with his ’Dying to Live’ album that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Album chart with the hit single ‘Zeze’ hitting No.2 on the Hot 100.