Sean Paul’s Wife Jodi Henriques Gets Candid About Plastic Surgery After Giving Birth

Jodi Henriques, the wife of international dancehall and reggae sensation Sean Paul, recently confirmed that she has indeed gone under the knife to perfect her already snatched bod. The TV presenter and mom of two was wearing a tight-fitted workout outfit while speaking to her personal trainer when she made the big reveal.

While chatting about a new pair of workout sneakers Jodi recently bought, her trainer decided to point out a few of her other unique purchases.

“So she can spend her money on breast,” she said before a funny interjection from Jodi, who stated, “When you buy the breast you get the new outfit.” Her trainer continued, “She can fix her tummy cause you know as mommy we all go through it when the babies wreck us.”

Jodi decided to show off her new puppies in another clip, which instantly led her sister to conclude that she resembled “Mariah Carey in that video.”

“Girl you did it, you did it. Jodi come right out,” her sister commented while feasting her eyes on Jodi’s midsection. “Wow, if your belly coulda flatter, bammy woulda never affi make,” joked her sister.

Just in case her fans were wondering whose magical hands were on her, aside from Sean Paul’s of course, Jodi decided to give her doctor a massive shoutout. “Yes, I’m really changing,” she proudly confessed.

In November of last year, the superstar’s wife clapped back at trolls who called her ‘plastic.’ The RETV host borrowed a two-liner from makeup mogul Kylie Jenner when she shot back with, “I’m recyclable.”

“I just want to take some time to thank all the trolls that care so much about me that they make fake pages just to comment on my posts. Your TIME is appreciated as that is one thing you can’t buy or get back,” she concluded below her 2020 post.

What do you think of Jodi’s new bawdy? We bet the “Like Glue” deejay is having a hard time keeping his hands off his lovely wife.