Foota Hype & Mavado’s Right Hand Flexxx Beefing On IG Over “Jacket” Situation

One of Dancehall’s most prominent commentators, Foota Hype, is currently under the public’s microscope after it was revealed that he is the biological father of a 14-year-old boy Flexxx previously called his own.

The entire saga has been unfolding on social media, with both Flexxx and Foota Hype taking to Instagram LIVE to provide details on their history and how they happened to be involved with the same female. However, before both men were able to address the situation, others who were close to the matter decided to share their thoughts and subsequent images of the unnamed teen. Popular Instagram personnel Mumzell Smooches, joined DJ Lava’s nightly Chat & Laugh session to speak on her previous beef with the mom in question.

Mumzell explained that she was the recipient of an image of Foota posing alongside Flexxx’s child.’ After calling Flexxx, he broke the news to her that he was not the father, even though he had been giving his support for over a decade. Mumzell mentioned that she stumbled upon Hype at a party in Florida, and when asked about the situation, he mentioned that he was “just finding out.” At this point, she held her phone to the camera to show the image of Foota posing alongside his son.

“Foota Hype a me fren and me know him ago hate me but when dem a done me dem a done me…so you see when me a rub out people, me a rub out people,” said Mumzell who classified herself as a member of Bounty Killer’s Alliance, which both Flexxx and Foota were a part of until they formed their Gullyside alliance.

“So while Flexxx a go pon him likkle tour tour, a you a wine Tanya waist?” She questioned. “So why is it that when Skatta f**k Ishawna why Foota go mad?”

She had a few choice words for Tanya, with whom Flexxx has two other kids. She recounted a conversation where the “Gyalis From Birth” deejay mentioned that even though his son looks completely different, he has never questioned the loyalty of his children’s mom. Yet, questions are already being asked about the youngest child after rumors of another man caressing her most recent baby bump have started to make the rounds on social media.

The question being asked is why didn’t Foota Hype reveal to Flexxx that he was having relations with his friend’s lady. The answer to that would be because she was apparently Foota’s girlfriend in the first place. The one-time Alliance selector listed the prominent names from the camp, whom he claims are aware of ‘the truth.’

“Tell the people dem say a Foota Hype girl wa him bring a studio, and when me inna the studio you look her behind me back. Uno exchange number and start link and me never know,” Foota stated on his Instagram LIVE session, as he gave a rundown of how he met Tanya.

Foota claims that on one particular night, he stumbled upon Flexxx and ‘his gir’ playing in. the dark, and that is when the singer confirmed sleeping Tanya, something he had not done as yet.

“Flexxx violate the friend code from the beginning,” said Foota Hype. The selector claims that she was peer pressured into being with Flexxx because he had more going for him at the time, but she actually loved him. He said that it was her persistence to come over to his house, which eventually led to him finally having sex with her over a year after she got involved with Flexxx. However, the deejay also went on IG live and mentioned that Tanya was in a relationship with a different, who was not Foota Hype.

Foota also stated that it was Flexx’s terrible case of gonorrhea and a trip to the doctor that forced him to learn how to drive a motor vehicle. He also had some choice words for Mumzell due to her decision to show his child’s image on social media. He mentioned that while she had the go-ahead to speak on his name and anyone else who crossed her in the past, the child should have been off-limits. An emotional Foota said that the newest addition to his family is currently going through therapy to correct unresolved issues.

“Me know bout the youth bout 2 years now,” Foota said. He revealed that when it was discovered that he was the father, he told the child’s mom to break the story. However, she hesitated out of fear of being ridiculed online.

If you don’t know, Flexxx is a part of Mavado’s Gully Side crew, and he is known for songs like “Money we want,” “Stepping Razor,” “Walk Out,” and a host of other hits that were released around the start of the last decade.