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Funkmaster Flex Accuses Jay-Z Of Improper Deal With Trump For Desiree Perez Pardon

Funkmaster Flex is accusing Jay-Z of cutting an improper deal with former President Trump to pardon Roc Nation CEO, Desiree Perez.

American radio host and disc jockey Funkmaster Flex apparently doesn’t miss a beat when it comes on to throwing shots at fellow New Yorker Jay-Z. He’s added an extra humph to his attack waged against the Roc Nation head honcho in the last couple of weeks, leaving many to conclude that it’s all a move to promote his upcoming album.

Yet, Funk shows no signs of easing up, this time accusing the “Song Cry” rapper of aligning himself with snitches. Funk’s claims are that Jay-Z played an integral role in the pardoning of Roc Nation’s CEO Desiree Perez by former POTUS, Donald Trump. Nearly a week ago, he shared a magazine cover that claims Perez worked as an informant after being nabbed by the feds in 1994.

After joking about him not being invited to the famed Roc Nation brunch, the Hot97 deejay asked his followers how they felt about Jay-Z’s alignment with someone who possesses the same qualities as Tekashi 6ix9ine. Funk continued his slander earlier today with a prequel of what to expect on his show tonight when he shared a screenshot of a headline that reads as follows:

“Jay-Z Cut Deal w/ Trump; Didn’t Support Biden In Exchange For Pardon!”

Earlier this year, Funk claimed that the legendary rapper, who tops numerous top 5 lists, does not use social media because he’s unable to handle criticism.

“You know he wants me to tell you why he can’t be on social media,” Funk Flex said. “‘Cause he’s the most sensitive motherf**ker on the planet and he can’t take n***as in his comments telling him the truth.”

“He can’t take it,” said the radio veteran. “He can’t open up social media. You know what JAY does? He watches social media from a fake page.”