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D12 Rapper Bizarre Hospitalized After Having A Stroke

Get well soon wishes are flowing in for D12 rapper Bizarre who is currently hospitalized after having a stroke.

The lyrical vibrancy of the Detiot’s Dirty Dozen, better known as D12, has long been noted among hip hop heads across the globe. The group no longer performs or records as it did at its peak, with many of its members taking on solo careers. A few of the group’s members have seen better days, especially considering the fact that over the past few weeks, two members have had serious health complications.

Bizzare became the most recent addition to that list after it was reported that he suffered a transient ischemic attack (TIA). The symptoms of the attack are quite similar to the onset of a stroke. The details of his condition were shares by his manager via an Instagram post, which shows the rapper laying on a hospital gurney.

“Morning.. this bizarre manager just giving u guys a update. Bizarre doing much better he had TIA.. just want to let all fans and family to know he live y’all and he’ll be back soon dumpster juice 2021,” he wrote.

A few days prior, the rapper shared that he was in the studio and ready for features.

In 2019 Bizarre spoke to HipHopDx about his challenges with his weight, including a rundown of where it all started.

“I was always a little guy who had asthma all the way up until I was like maybe 14,” he said. “Then I had a doctor had put me on steroids for the asthma. That kind of made me gain weight. But through my adult years, I’ve basically been through the same thing that you’ve been talking about up or down, you know what I’m saying? Doing good, lost 20 pounds. Then you relapse or give yourself a cheat day and your cheat day turns into three days and then two weeks. It’s like an ongoing battle, you know what I’m saying?”

He went on to explain that he’s still very much the confident life of the party, and fans are now hoping that he remains that way whenever he is released from the hospital.

Kuniva, another D12 member, also had a recent medical hiccup. He took to Twitter last month to share info about his recovery, as he battled an unspecified condition that may have cost him his career.

“What’s good my people! Still recovering from this surgery and I’m better everyday. I had put this procedure off for YEARS bc of fear of the outcome. The surgeons were saying some serious sh*t about me not being able to do what I love (rap) anymore. I was SHOOK,” he wrote.