Watch Rebel Salute 2021 Livestream Night 1 & 2

Watch Rebel Salute Livestream Night 1 & 2 below.

Rebel Salute kicks off this weekend as the show goes virtual due to the prevailing conditions of the coronavirus pandemic in Jamaica. The show that goes with the tagline ‘The Preservation of Reggae’ has so far kept secret its line-up. According to the show owner Tony Rebel, the show is celebrating its 28th anniversary, and keeping the momentum going with line-up a surprise is key “surprise is a key element of the festival experience, and with the fully virtual execution, we are not building up expectations with announcing the names of the acts featured. The ‘saluters’ have trusted us for 27 years, and with the 28th year we want to show them they can still trust us when we deliver a show they will be fascinated about.”

The surprise also extends to the location of the show. He said, “it will be outdoors, amongst nature, but not by the sea as it has been done over the years.” Rebel be one of the show’s hosts, and according to him, the show has been packaged as a docuseries and live show, which will begin at 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM on Friday (January 15) and from 9 PM to 11 PM on Saturday (January 16).

“What they will see on television is part of the complete package, we want persons to tune in- please watch- some of the footage for the docuseries, which, as I mentioned before, is over 400 hours, and 2020 gave us some time to look at all that goes into the festival. Now that we have packaged that part of it, I believe it is going to be great, just how we set it- it has cost us, but we are giving it as a gift to show our gratitude for the support over the years,” Rebel said.

Rebel Salute began in Manchester in 1993, then moved to St. Elizabeth and finally settled for its permanent home in Priory in St. Ann.

Livestreatm Rebel Salute 2021 Virtual show