Jahmiel Delivers Visual For Conscious New Song “Unbroken”


Conscious singer Jahmiel faced a near-death experience in 2020, which forced him to rethink his steps. He’s now back on the path of righteousness and has no plans to stray from his mission, which is centered around bringing positive energies to his followers. He recently dropped “Unbroken” with his team at Sweet Music and Quantainium Records, which should serve as just another step on his major journey.

Jahmiel explains that he may have been down, but he certainly was not out of the game when evil, unseen forces tried to get him down last year.

“Jah protect me like a premises/ me full a enemies, eyes open so me see everything,” he explains over a piano-driven rift that runs through the entirety of the track. “Affi protect the energy from blood s*cker who will do anything fi riches cause them love power,” he sings in his second verse.

The slow-moving, tranquil, and picturesque scenes captured in the music video definitely helps to soak up the message the Patriotz chief is passing on to his listeners. “I love all his music this what a human should be like peaceful not destructive,” commented one fan below the Youtube upload. “I swr you always a find so some way to uplift people with your songs,” came another comment.

In a recent interview, Jahmiel expressed that he received 100’s of direct messages from fans thanking him for his words of encouragement. We are sure those numbers will increase solely based on “Unbroken.”

You can check out the music video below.