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NBA Youngboy GF Jazlyn & His Baby Mama Jania Clash On Twitter

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy’s new girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle and his baby mama/ex Jania Meshell clash on social media over a meme.

Jania Meshell was once the darling of Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, better known as rapper NBA Youngboy, holding it down with him during his battles with the law. The story is bittersweet since their relationship ended a few years ago following a nasty breakup. NBA Youngboy has had numerous other relationships and baby mamas since then, yet fans constantly label the 20-year-old model as the one who got away from the Casanova-like rapper.

No wonder it was immediately implied that NBA Youngboy was the target of a recent meme she shared to her Instagram page as a part of her birthday countdown. The popular meme mimics a conversation between a man a woman, which ends with the male walking away from the relationship after he explains that Jania is the person whom he actually needs in his life.

The model hit the delete button on that post after fans highlighted that it felt like a shade being thrown at her former lover and his new girl, Youtuber Jazlyn Mychelle. According to Jania, she was not aware of the names on the meme until she shared the post. NBA Youngboy has kept social media on the back burner for much of 2020, and that trend has carried into 2021, with updates coming solely through Mychelle. In light of this, the responsibility of replying to Jania landed solely on the young Youtuber, who tweeted, “Bae said she could never.”

Jania’s followers immediately reminded her a response was not needed since Kentrell adored her out of all the other females he has been with. His admiration is not only seen through their regular meetups and spots in his music videos or their son, but also his decision to have her name tattooed to his face and body. A usually calm Jania was still not having any of it and decided to address the matter via Twitter and her Instagram LIVE.

“What you on Twitter poppin your sh_t for,” questioned Jania. “And if that n__ga said that why you popping your sh_t for anyway. I dont bother you. I let you be a daddy and me be a momma and that’s just that. Leave me alone.”

She continued by directly addressing her replacement. “Let me tell you one mf thing. I been around you and you been hiding but when I catch you you know what’s up,” she threatened before revealing that Mychelle sent her a direct message.

Jazlyn Mychelle has not issued a response following the latest round of tweets from Jania. Perhaps her hand is currently full with her beau since he recently welcomed another child through his onetime flame, Iyanna Mayweather.