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Bow Wow Says He Was Heading To His Yacht In Tiny Boat Packed With Women

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Bow Wow

Bow Wow responds to trolls calling him out for packing a small boat with females.

Mr. 106 & Park, better known as Bow Wow, gets a lot of heat when it comes to just about anything he does in the public eye. Just a few days ago, he began to feel the pressure from trolls for having what seemed to be a pretty big vibe, with a couple of ladies, on a small boat. The troll ambush felt much like a DDoS attack, leading to the rapper earning a spot on Twitter’s trending list. Along from taking jabs at the state of his financial affairs, they also pointed out an incident in which Bow Wow apparently duked his Instagram fans.

It was a case of social media vs. reality for that one when he shared a picture of a private jet he would be allegedly boarding. In reality, he was flying commercial, which was later revealed by a photograph taken by a fan who was also on the flight.

Cameras were once again involved with his latest social media misstep, but according to the rapper, the video was actually taken from aboard a large yacht the small vessel was pulling up to. While responding to a comment from a troll clowning him for having “11 hunnies on a tug boat,” he explained, “If you charter a 100ft or more, a smaller boat is attached to bring people to and from the big boat.”

He continued, “How else you gone get to me if I’m anchored. It shows that a lot of folks never been on a yacht and that’s fine. We were pulling into the yacht. I was bringing the girls back.”

Sadly, his explanation saw him being labeled as defensive by some critics. This ultimately led to a few of his fans stepping to his own defense. “And im being humble,” the movie star/rapper said. “I genuinely feel as if folks don’t know. And actually the lil boat is funner than the yacht. Sh_t had me feeling like 007 at night time.”

Bow Wow recently told the team on Hot 97’s ‘Ebro in the Morning’ that he’ll be doing one more album before he hangs it up. Read more about what the project will entail here.